About Us

SE – Students Experience aims to provide high quality in housing accommodation, focusing on supplying a wide range of differentiated and value-added services, we create the perfect home from home for prospective guests.

Student mobility worldwide has largely increased over the past few years, not only driven by International Mobility Programs but also because the world has turned knowledge acquisition into a more global process.


So, come and live an experience unique staying in our accommodation, ample space for students to gather and convene, just close to most universities and take you to the best places of entertainment and fun!

Our accommodation is located in the heart of Lisbon just a few steps away from major schools by walking or using all modes of transportations or using the cycling lanes. Nearby you will find an abundant variety of restaurants, cafes, shops and student hotspots.


We dimension the place and give you every service all-inclusive that you might need to make yourself feel at home. The decoration of the spaces was conceived with the well-being and comfort in mind, making the best of the available space in the different architecture of all buildings is our purpose.


Welcoming branded gifts will be waiting for you, we hope are useful!