Terms and conditions

Please read them now. By using the Site, you can read the principal of the Terms and Conditions that you should agree at the entrance of the accommodation by signing a contract.


We are a new student housing accommodation creating student homes not student rooms, so the Rules are important for all.


The contract is undercover Privacy Policy to respect the rights and obligations of the Parts.

Contract, Payments & Guarantee deposit


  • The accommodation contract is established, generally, by periods of 5 or 10 months according to the university calendar: 1 September to 31 January and 1 February to 30 June
  • The base prices of the accommodation were established monthly and for a minimum duration of 5 (1st or 2nd academic semester) or of 10 months (academic year)
  • The accommodation is ensured by fortnights. Therefore, even if the entry or exit of the resident occurs in the middle of a fortnight, the full payment of that fortnight is required
  • Through agreement, other deadlines may be defined, over additional amounts to be contracted on a case-by-case basis

Booking & Cancelation

  • The reservation will only be confirmed after payment of the reservation fee which is equal to a monthly fee (last monthly rent payment)
  • Before your entrance in the accommodation (48 hours), you should have paid the 1st monthly fee, the guarantee deposit (one monthly rent) and an Adm Fee (150€)
  • The first monthly payment, the guarantee deposit and the the Adm Fee will be settled at the entrance, through proof of the payment
  • After the booking, the resident can cancel it according to the following conditions:
    • Up to 60 days before the date of entry – the reservation fee, which corresponds to the payment of the last month will be refunded;
    • Up to 30 days before the scheduled arrival date – 50% of the reservation fee, which is a monthly fee, will be refunded;
    • Less than 30 days after the entry / start of the contract, there is no refund of the reservation fee.
    • The Adm Fee cost never will be refunded if the booking is cancelled


  • Price includes:
    • Utility bills (limited)
    • Cleaning 2 times per week in common areas (Kitchen, living, corridor and shared bathroom)
    • Weekly cleaning Rooms
    • Weekly changing towels laundered
    • Bed Linens laundered changed once a fortnight
    • Contents insurance
  • The total consumption of water, gas and electricity is limited up to 50€ per month, per resident
  • Extra services and consumptions are billed monthly
  • The heating equipment that is in the rooms will be considered an extra in your monthly consumption. Price= 0,35€/kWh
  • The use of the self-service laundry will be debited separately according tariffs. Each laundry card/coin = € 4,00 (normally the residents require 4 card/coin: 2 for wash and 2 for dry, monthy).
    (This criterion only applies to accommodation wich has self-service laundry- Filipe Folque location)


  • Payments will be done by bank transfer up to the 1st working day of each month
  • Payments made beyond the 1st working day of the month will have a daily increase of € 20

Rules of health & Safety

  • For security reason the absences of the resident, the absences of the resident from the apartment for more than three days, shall be previously communicated to the SE – Students Experience by email or phone
  • Any anomaly in the rooms shall be immediately brought to SE – Students Experience by phone or email.
  • Keeping the common spaces clean and organized to not prevent the other co-residents’ right to the rational use of these spaces.
  • All common areas can be used, individually or collectively, by all residents. After the use, it is required that the common areas remain clean and tidy, to allow the use by other residents.
  • On the cleaning days, the resident agrees to leave his accommodation tidy and with no objects on the floor, apart from furniture, under penalty

SE – Students Experience reserves its right to invite to leave, with consequent termination of the Housing Agreement and loss of any rights, including guarantee deposit, the resident who, for one or more times:

  • Expresses and repeatedly causes annoyance or disturbance to one or more of the other residents in the use of common and / or individual spaces
  • Who does not respect sex, race, age, creed, etc of the other residents
    Exercise any form of pressure, coercion or aggression on other residents
    Do not comply with the rules of use, hygiene and / or safety included in the contract
  • Or in any situation that breaches the Portuguese legislation, good practice and healthy living, or that is considered by SE – Students Experience to jeopardize the proper conditions of living and housing


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